The crew van system allows existing vehicles to have a second row of three or four seats installed, accessible from existing side loading doors.

The benefits of a crew van are considerable, bringing time and cost savings to a wide range of trades and other occupations that need to combine plenty of equipment or luggage space with the ability to carry up to seven people.
  • Construction firms can potentially reduce the number of vehicles they
    need by being able to carry tradesmen and their materials.
  • The leisure industry, divers, hikers, skiers and other groups can be
    easily and comfortably transported with their equipment.
  • Independent tradesmen can use their vehicle for both work and
    leisure, efficiently serving their business and take their friends and family out in comfort.

The crew van answers a growing need for a comfortable five, six or seven seat vehicle that is engineered to original equipment standards and retains a generous load area.

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